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    The puppy

    The puppy

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    Thoughts of an ex

    Disappointing in multiple ways: 1. Disappointment due to good memories. 2. Disappointment due to how much of a bitch she was. 3. Disappointment in myself for even thinking about her.

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hingif (by boredlikeme)
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    Its fucking difficult when you come to a crossroad in life

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    If only you knew what path your on. I try to prevent you from continuing, but you seem to consistently refuse my advice. So at what point do I give up and just forget, and how long do I keep trying with no recognition?

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    Just live your life in a way that makes you TRULY happy

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    Look at this niggas swagg

    Look at this niggas swagg

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    I love getting blown off, because then it just shows you what’s more important than you to someone else.

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    Damb females always keep a dude thinking…I’m suppose to be carefree then you go and make my mind race…

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    The daily wonder is always so interesting.

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    Obey street signs

    Obey street signs

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